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Labrys Lesbian

Labrys Lesbian: A Symbol with Layers

"Labrys lesbian" refers to a combination of two parts:

1. Labrys:

  • A double-headed axe with historical roots in Minoan Crete and ancient matriarchal societies.
  • Adopted by 1970s lesbian feminists as a symbol of strength, empowerment, and resilience.
  • Associated with the Amazons, fierce warrior women from Greek mythology.

2. Lesbian:

  • A woman who is attracted to other women.
  • Often linked to the colour violet, referencing the poetry of Sappho, a prominent lesbian figure from ancient Greece.

Labrys Lesbian combined:

  • A symbol embodying lesbian pride, strength, and resistance against historical oppression.
  • Often represented by the Labrys Lesbian flag, designed in 1999 with a purple background, inverted black triangle, and central labrys.

However, its complexity needs acknowledging:

  • Some lesbians feel alienated by the flag's design, created by a man and incorporating Nazi imagery.
  • Its association with certain strands of feminism sparks debate due to potentially exclusionary views towards trans individuals.


  • Understanding the multifaceted nature of "Labrys Lesbian" is crucial.
  • Respecting individual interpretations and preferences within the diverse lesbian community is essential.

Labrys Lesbian represents a spectrum of lesbian identity, from historical references to contemporary struggles. While complexities exist, it remains a powerful symbol for many lesbians expressing pride, strength, and a call for continued empowerment.

Remember, it's always best to ask individuals within the lesbian community how they prefer to be represented and what symbols resonate with them personally.

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