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About Us

Yieki (Yike-ee) is the brain child of Ryan B. It was thought up when they were shopping for some LGBTQIA+ and some disability merch and could not find the quality but when they did it was massively overpriced.

Ryan is a member of the LGBTQIA+ and disability communities. After coming out non-binary over a decade ago. They have also been living with severe mental illnesses for 30 years. They also have been diagnosed with ADHD and is currently going through an Autism assessment.

Ryan has funded a large proportion of their business off the back of their disability support pension. They are fortunate to have set up a GoFundMe and it raised funds to help move the open date forward by months. Big thanks to those who donated.

Ryan wants Yieki to be a brand when members of the LGBTQIA+ and disability communities can count on for quality and value for money. They know being on the disability support pension how important it is to get value for every cent.

Starting a business is expensive. Cost of sampling to get the right products. Yieki is starting with selling LGBTQIA+ lapel pins and the plan for the business is to expend out to many other products. As we grow the product range, we will let you know of the new products.

You'll know when you get a Yieki product because there will be a Yieki logo on it. When you see it you'll know it's the best quality and the best price.

Big thanks to my Mum, Daniel, Sarah and Ava.

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