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"Butch" is a multifaceted term evolving beyond its historical roots. For some, it describes a gender identity, distinct from binary man or woman, often aligning with masculinity. For others, it's a gender expression, encompassing a range of masculine-associated presentations in dress, mannerisms, or body language.

Historically, "butch" primarily identified lesbians who challenged traditional femininity. Today, it's embraced by individuals across sexuality and gender spectrums, including straight, trans, and non-binary folks.

Crucially, "butch" is not defined by physical appearance alone. It's about self-determination, rejecting rigid gender norms, and embracing personal authenticity. It's about finding strength, visibility, and community in defying binary expectations.

Remember, individual experiences vary greatly. Always respect individual terms and self-definitions when encountering someone who identifies as butch.

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