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Disability encompasses a wide range of conditions that affect individuals' physical, sensory, mental, or intellectual abilities. It can be temporary or permanent, and its impact can vary significantly from person to person.

In essence, disability arises from the interaction between an individual's functional limitations and the barriers they face in their environment. These barriers can be physical, social, attitudinal, or a combination of all three. For example, someone with a mobility impairment might face physical barriers like stairs, social barriers like exclusion from activities, and attitudinal barriers like prejudice.

Disability is not solely defined by medical diagnoses, but rather by the lived experience of individuals navigating their limitations within a world often not designed for them. It's crucial to remember that disability is not synonymous with dependence or inability. With proper support and accommodations, individuals with disabilities can lead fulfilling and productive lives.

Disability Pride Flag Lapel Pin

  • Hard enamel
  • Yieki branded
  • Made of high-quality iron
  • Size: 25mm x 15mm
  • Secure clear rubber clutch
  • Finished in 3 different plating options to choose from
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Black
  • Represents the Disability Pride flag
  • Small and lightweight
  • Ideal for lanyards
  • Great in corporate environments

Flag Attribution: Ann Magill.

Order your Disability Pride Pin today and show your support for the Disability community!

N.B. If you are looking to attach your pin to a bag or something it might come off easy there are lock tight clutches or screw tight clutches.

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