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"Androgyne" has multiple layers, depending on context:

Historically: A figure with both male and female physical characteristics, appearing in myths and mythology as symbols of completeness, unity, or divine beings.

Today: Can have several connotations:

  • Presentation: Someone who expresses their gender in ways that blur traditional masculine and feminine lines, through clothing, mannerisms, or physical appearance.
  • Gender identity: A person who identifies outside the binary of "man" or "woman," as both, neither, or somewhere in between.
  • Artistic representation: A figure, often in art or literature, that embodies both masculine and feminine traits, often to explore themes of duality, unity, or defying societal expectations.

Importantly, "androgyne" is not a specific gender identity and doesn't prescribe how someone expresses themselves. It's a term people choose to reclaim and define for themselves, often challenging traditional gender norms.

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