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Demiboy describes someone who partially identifies with masculinity, but not fully as a man. Imagine gender as a spectrum, not just male and female. Demiboys feel connected to some parts of the masculine side, like interests, expressions, or personality traits, but not a complete overlap.

Think of it like building a gender identity with blocks. Some blocks might be traditionally masculine, like enjoying video games or sports, while others are unique to their individual experience. These diverse blocks come together to form a demiboy's unique gender identity.

They may use pronouns like he/him, they/them, or something else entirely, and their presentation can be masculine, feminine, or anything in between. It's all about what feels authentic and comfortable for them.

Remember, like any other gender identity, there's no single way to be a demiboy. It's about embracing how they experience their own gender, not fitting into a specific box.

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