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Autigender is a term in the emerging realm of neurogender identities used by some autistic individuals to describe the unique link between their autism and their experience of gender. It's not a specific gender itself, but rather a descriptor for how autism shapes and influences one's gender identity or lack thereof.

Think of it this way: autism affects how individuals perceive and interact with the world, including social constructs like gender. For autigender individuals, this means their autistic neurotype plays a significant role in shaping how they understand, experience, and express their gender. This can manifest in many ways, like:

  • Challenging traditional gender binary: Autigender individuals may reject the rigid categories of "male" and "female," finding them too restrictive or inaccurate for their internal sense of self.
  • Fluid and unique gender expression: Their gender expression might fluctuate or not neatly fit into any existing label, blurring the lines between traditionally masculine and feminine.
  • Focus on internal experience: Their understanding of gender might prioritize their own internal sense of self and perception, rather than relying on external stereotypes or societal expectations.
  • Deepening connection to autistic self: For some, embracing autigender can be a way of authentically integrating their autism into their sense of self, acknowledging its influence on their entire being, including gender.

It's important to remember that autigender is not a universal experience for all autistic individuals. Nor does it equate to "being autistic as a gender." It's a personal term specific to those who find it resonates with their own unique neurodivergent expression of gender.

In conclusion, autigender offers a lens to understand the diverse and complex spectrum of gender experiences within the autistic community. It emphasizes the individuality and fluidity of gender identity, while acknowledging the role of neurodiversity in shaping how some individuals navigate and express their authentic selves.

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